Sunday, July 10, 2011

OLY VBC 2011 Projects / Wishlist

We are looking for a volunteer coordinator,  child care coordinators during the event;  and plenty of volunteers to participate in the exciting work parties!   


Community Welcoming Gate

PATIO-  Urbanite (broken concrete) 3-4'' consistent thickness, enough to cover about 150 ft2.
BENCH- Need 3 cedar or tight-grain fir bench slabs approx 30"x 70" and base mounting materials (TBD)
 PIER BLOCKS 4x4s  w/ metal brackets
MANDALA SUPPLIES  Portland Cement, Masonry Lime and Iron Oxide

Cob Oven Living Roof 
STRUCTURAL-   6x6 posts, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, 2x12, 3x6;  concrete, rebar, forms
SEDUM PLANTS -  Succulents for the living roof..
CUSTOM COUNTERTOP-  Custom-made hardwood or cement for pizza cooking zone

Chicken Tractor Lounge
Services of a sculptor.  work with metal parts to create 'tractor lounge'
ANTIQUE TRACTOR PARTS-individual metal seats, tractor tires, other old parts which can be incorporated into the whimsical sculpture/bench/climbing play area...

Greywater Recycling System
PLUMBER-  To install a 3-way valve, reroute pipes under bathtub, create new outfall to exterior from bathtub, bath sink and basement laundry
OLD BATHTUBS and SURGE BARREL  3 old iron/ceramic bathtubs which can be filled with baffels (forces water to flow through) constructed wetland.  55-gal.  Surge barrel for beginning of system...
WETLAND PLANTS- to grow in bathtubs

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